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For the 1st time in Bulgaria Coding Girls and Drupal Bulgaria organized a FREE hands-on Drupal Global Training Day at SoftUni and introduced the world of Drupal to motivated enthusiasts.

Anna Radulovski the founder and CEO of Coding Girls kicked off the event with the introduction of the partners and mentors. She explained the mission of Coding Girls and the connection between Coding Girls and Drupal Bulgaria.

“Coding Girls is a gender-neutral organization promoting an increased presence of girls and women in the tech, leadership and entrepreneurship.”

The co-founder of Drupal Bulgaria, Ivo Radulovski enlightened the audience with the facts, figures about Drupal and the Drupal Community and memories since the very beginning of Drupal Bulgaria in 2010:

“There were around 60 people at the first ever Drupal meetup in Bulgaria”.

After the presentation, we moved to the practical part and together with Maria Totova, our education engineer, experienced Drupal developer and Coding Girls instructor started the workshop.

“I enjoyed every minute of the Drupal Global Training Day. Our participants were very enthusiastic, they wanted to learn as much as possible about Drupal for the time we had and I loved that. We created content types, used Views to query the database and build pages & blocks, worked with taxonomies and menus, installed some nice modules and a theme, and of course, we had great fun in the meantime. You guys, did amazing job and learnt the new material so fast, I am really proud of you!” - Maria shared.

The most interesting was that everybody agreed to stay an hour longer and kept asking questions.

Check out what others did during Drupal Global Training Days worldwide. Use the hashtag #DrupalGTD and explore more. Did you know that you can find all the Drupal events all over the world at https://www.drupical.com/?

Next Steps

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Want to join as a volunteer? Simply send your CV to office@coding-girls.com or ivo@drupal.bg

Keep calm and drupal on,

Coding Girls and Drupal Bulgaria

Dec 7, 2017 By Anna Radulovski

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