WHAT IS "Coding Girls"?

The "Workshop" is designed for girls ages 7 to 10 who are interested in the high-tech world of coding! 

Super hands-on experience meant to empower your girls with skills for the 21st century!

What is the Coding Girls Workshop?
The Coding Girls Workshop is a hands-on learning experience for girls between the ages of 7-10, encouraging them to explore computer and technology-based careers. If you have a daughter/granddaughter you think could benefit from the workshop, who is younger than 10, please reach out directly to Anna Radulovski at anna@coding-girls.com

What to Expect:
Did you know, by the year 2022, there will be more than 1.2 million computer-related job openings? However, only 18% of college students graduating in computer science are women. The workshop is designed to help stem the challenge of too few women in technology careers. 

- Life Skills Workshops you will not want to miss
- Interviews with women in technology fields (Maria)
- Opportunities for girls to develop their creativity and interests

All equipment will be provided. No computer experience required.  Boys are allowed too but you need to bring along at least one girl.

Who Is Sponsoring This?

Coding Girls is organised by Anna Radulovski, Maria Totova and Marina Savyovska and powered by 3HUB.

We invite you to share your ambitions and reach out to us to work together to empower women in technology.

Please contact us for questions or if you'd like to join Coding Girls!

Or click here for our phone number