What is the event about?

During this session we are going to dig in deeper into the content entities' view & form modes and explore different scenarios on their usage.

What will we exactly do?

We will work with entity reference fields & the Views module to see how to request the same content item to be rendered in various ways. Join us in this workshop and let's explore together how to work easily and successfully with nodes, blocks, media and paragraphs.

Who is it for?

No matter whether you are a total beginner or have some previous experience in Drupal, this session is a good exercise that will provide you with practical examples.

Who will be leading the workshop?

Maria Totova is a Drupal developer at Trio-Group, a core engineer, education manager & instructor at Coding Girls, a co-founder of Drupal Girls and a board member of Drupal Bulgaria. Her passion for studying both arts and science has defined her professional path.

How much?

The event is totally FREE but the seats are limited, so please register on time if you would like to attend! See you there!