The Autum Season of Coding Girls Plovdiv could not start in a better way!
Our pro speaker Sanya Ovcharova will share with us her stunning and spiring story: seeking oneself, or what makes us ditch everything and start from scratch
She is a full stack java web developer & Oracle Certified Associate, currently working at Westernacher Solutions Gmbh.
But before this, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts and taught English for 4 years at various Language Centers and at the University of Food Technology. Then her career U-turn, acquiring an internship at Proxiad Bulgaria and graduating as Master of Computer Applications.
Sanya is an avid learner and has been attending some of our latests courses. We cannot wait to have her with us!
Venue & Address

3Hub, 11 Angel Bukureshtliev Street, Plovdiv
4000 Plovdiv

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Event Date & Time (Local Time)
24 September 2019 11:30 - 13:00