Arch Summit Bridging the Gap Female Empowerment

We just spent two days at Arch Summit in Luxembourg and had a chance to participate in the Female Empowerment category. 

We didn't win in the competition.  But we didn't get upset, because what we won is more precious: many new supporters, potential partners and loads of smiles. We didn't have a minute to take a seat at our booth, because there were people and people coming to us to learn more about Coding Girls activities and opportunities. 

Facts & Figures: 

Coding Girls (CG) gave away: 

150+ Business Cards

400+ Women In Tech CG Stickers 

200+ CG Flyers

200 CG Mini Chocolate

25 CG Bags 

15 CG T-shirts 

10 CG Notebooks

3 CG Cups

Our team talked to more than 500 visitors at our booth! 

and loads of smiles :D 

We hope you, your collegues, sisters, wives, daughters will enjoy all the goodies that your took for them :) 

And the winner in the category "Female Empowerments" is...


There's a saying: "Sometimes we win. Sometimes we learn." Actually, for us it's a bit different. Sometimes you win. But you always learn. What we learnt is that no matter you win or not, the main challenge is about trying and being brave to introduce your startup to the world. 

Next Steps 

Curious about our pitch? Here it is :) 

We are curious about your feedback :) Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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