CodingGirls Meetup

On the 21st of February we had a Coding Girls Meetup at 3HUB. Around 20 people gathered together to listen to the Coding Girls updates as well as the guest speaker of the evening Angelina Gasharova.


70% of the participants were new to the community, so we started with breaking the ice.


“The more I learn Java, the more I love it” - Can you guess if this fact is true or lie?

This is how we were getting to know each other. Everyone of us said three fact about herself, 2 of which were true and 1 was not. And honestly, the answers were not so obvious as we had quite different opinions on which is the correct answer (or the lie in our case).


When the mood was up - it was time to remind what Coding Girls’ Essence is or the answers of what Coding Girls do, why Coding Girls do it, how Coding Girls achieve it. Simona Valkova stated the values of the Coding Girls and latest data about women in ICT.


Anna Radulovski and Maria Totova introduced the latest news, achievements and plans of Coding Girls:

  1. CG is growing: from 16 girls in Europe to 1000+ members up to Asia.

  2. Coding Girls Manila - a new inspiring and fast-growing community in Philippines.

  3. CG is partnering with the major tech events: WeAreDevelopers 2018, WEBIT 2018. Interested? Coding Girls got a limited amount of 20% discount to these events.

  4. Coding Girls FREE Courses: HTML & CSS, JavaScript.

The culmination of the evening was the presentation of Angie and how she managed to get her dream job being just 19 years old. Among the tips she gave were:


  • Participate at different events and conferences,

  • Always seek different ways to gain knowledge.

  • Start volunteering! It is rewarding!


She managed to engage the audience really well as the questions were not stopping. We continued the discussions in more informal environment while networking. Before that we, of course, took some group photos. You can find them on our facebook page and don’t forget to tag yourself. :)


Special thanks to Nefi, our event photographer, who managed to capture the atmosphere and the emotions during our meetup. Thanks to all the speakers and the participants from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Canada, Spain.

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