Coding Girls MeetUp - Everyday Impact

This Tuesday something very fun and dynamic happened: Coding Girls’ MeetUp, the topic was Everyday Impact. It was not only very enjoyable event but as well inspirational and useful one.

As a tradition already, we started with an ice-breaker. Because we are in the season of fruits, the ice-breaker was called Fruit Salad and the idea of it was that we had to mix with others and exchange seats if the statement said was true for us.

After we moved a bit, it was time to remind ourselves the core of Coding Girls and why we do what we do. We managed to do that using the Golden Circle. We showed Coding Girls’ Why, What and How in a very visual and practical way.

Before the inspirational talk, we presented some updates from the past month. It definitely was very busy and rich of events month. Some of the events we were part of are: International Women’s Day 18, Girls in ICT Day, Arch Summit, WeAreDevelopers and others. We were not only part of events but as well we were main organisers of such. We had our Uber and Coding Girls Partnership Kickoff, Java Workshop, HTML and CSS Project presentation.

In order to be part of our upcoming events, you just have to register. Find more info about our future Chrome Extensions Workshop, CG and Uber Meetup and Webit Festival by clicking on the links.

Finally it was time for the great inspirational talk delivered by Liliana Rusenova. She shared how the spark for technology was in her from a very young age and how important it is to have supporters during your path to achieving your goals. Little bit more about Liliana: She has more than 20 years of experience in educating children and adults in IT and programming, more than 13 years in research. Currently she is a teacher in the Math School in Plovdiv and in the University of Plovdiv. She empowers her students everyday by encouraging them to pursue their tech passion. 

Everything finished with a group photo and networking.

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